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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Victor Mendez, RDN

Victor Mendez is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who assesses the nutritional needs of patients seeking weight loss surgery for overall better health. Victor provides quality nutritional care and monitors response to medical nutrition therapy as appropriate to the age of the population served.

Before counseling patients, Victor spent five years as a registered dietitian nutritionist at St Joseph’s University Medical Center focusing his time on the surgical and trauma patients as well as the geriatric population. Victor was a big help in continuing the bariatric nutrition program which helps patients get prepared for success post-surgery. Through intense education, one on one counseling, and open communication, Victor makes sure that his patients are prepared to embark on a better quality of life.

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New Jersey RDN Victor Mendez

Registered Dietitian Amanda Januszanis, MS, RDN

New Jersey Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Amanda Januszanis

As a Registered Dietitian, Amanda Januszanis has dedicated her life to helping patients take ownership of their health through what they eat. She works one-on-one to create personalized dietary plans for patients from all walks of life, whether they have an organ transplant, medical condition, or require nutritional counseling pre or post-bariatric surgery.

Amanda earned her Master's in Nutrition at the College of Saint Elizabeth after completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Rhode Island. Amanda has demonstrated a high level of skill in both open communication and research-backed nutrition planning throughout her coursework and career.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Matthew Butera, RDN

Matthew Butera is a Registered Dietitian who has dedicated his life to helping patients overcome dietary challenges to function at their best. As a skilled listener and problem solver, Matthew considers each of the unique difficulties his patients face that have stood in the way of reaching their health goals. Using this information, he offers custom diet plans and comprehensive nutritional assessments to facilitate a better quality of life. His past patients’ successes fuel Matthew’s desire to help others enhance their health and well-being. He brings unparalleled care, knowledge, and professionalism to assist his clients in becoming the healthy, confident individuals they aspire to be.

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New Jersey RDN Matthew Butera

Registered Dietitian Alexandra Gillespie, RD

New Jersey RDN Alexandra Gillespie

Alexandra Gillespie is a Registered Dietitian who prides herself in providing excellent nutrition care to all her patients. Alexandra looks at each patients’ individual needs to provide a comprehensive nutritional assessment and personalized diet plan for patients of varying populations.

Alexandra has been a registered dietitian since 2018 after finishing her undergrad at Penn State University and earning her Master’s in Nutrition through the College of Saint Elizabeth. She has been working in the acute care setting at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, New Jersey where she has worked with a wide range of patients ranging from dialysis, diabetes management, and gastrointestinal diseases.

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Registered Dietitian Yulissa Pereira, RD

Yulissa Pereira is a Registered Dietitian who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. She also completed her dietetic internship with Rutgers University – Newark where she had specialty rotations that focused on diabetes management, oral health, and advocacy.

During her studies, she participated in community projects partnering with food pantries to increase accessibility to more nutritious foods for the general public. She also participated in research studies to assess how nutrition interventions can promote healthier food choices in corner stores. Her passion lies in educating the public on making feasible changes to their diet to prevent and/or manage chronic diseases. Her experience ranges from working with children and teens to the elderly.

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New Jersey Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Yulissa Pereira

Registered Dietitian Kamille Sobolewski, RD

New Jersey RDN Kamille Sobolewski

Kamille Sobolewski is a Registered Dietitian who enjoys working with patients one-on-one and believes that each individual has the ability to take control of their health when provided with the necessary support and motivation. Her creativity and easy-going nature are key to assisting patients with determining their needs and creating attainable health goals for their sessions.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Kamille went on to complete both her Master’s Degree and the dietetic internship at Saint Elizabeth University in Morristown, New Jersey, where she obtained skills in counseling, evidence-based practice, and clinical proficiency.

Her specialty research within her Master’s program was metabolism and its relationship with sleep. Kamille began her clinical dietitian journey at University Hospital in Newark, a Level 1 trauma hospital where she was a leading advocate for food allergy awareness, then went on to work at Overlook Medical Center where she continued to help patients with diabetic, renal, cardiac, and gastrointestinal diseases, but also became specialized in oncology (cancer) and surgical patient dietary needs.

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Registered Dietitian Yajayra Cortes, RD

Yajayra Cortes is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is dedicated to providing the best nutrition care and experience. Her focus is on building a close relationship with each and every one of her patients, to provide optimal guidance and motivation along their journey in achieving their nutritional goals. She aims to utilize her bilingual skills in order to overcome the language barrier and further enhance a patient’s comprehension. She has the passion for connecting with her patients and is a strong advocate for patient education.

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Food Science at Montclair State University, Yajayra pursued her dietetic internship with Priority Nutrition Care. She then went on to work as an inpatient dietitian at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, with a focus on gastrointestinal surgeries including post-bariatric surgery; diabetes management, kidney disease management, and counseled patients participating in the cardiac rehabilitation program.

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New Jersey RDN Yajayra Cortes

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