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What is a Dietitian?

While everyone knows some foods are good for you and some that are not, many do not know what might seem good for one person may be bad for them. There are many reasons for this, including age, weight, gender, genetics, environment, and more. One of the ways to learn about how to optimize your diet is by going to see a Dietitian. At RDN Nutrition Counseling we strive to be the best dietitians New Jersey has to offer. Visit us today to find out how we can help you succeed in your health journey.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) are trained professionals who have been certified in nutrition by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This allows them to make changes to a patient’s diet depending on their medical condition, body type, blood type, age, and other contributing factors. In this way, they can help patients manage health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and many more.

RDNs also provide nutrition counseling by assessing a patient’s dietary and health needs, developing nutrition plans, watching the process of these meal plans, making adjustments as needed, and helping patients stay motivated.

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Benefits of a Having a Dietitian

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Our New Jersey Dietitians offer many benefits to patients. By taking a personal approach to their nutritional advice, they can help patients manage diseases, navigate food allergies, understand weight gain, improve their self-image, and increase their knowledge of nutrition as a whole and its effect on our bodies.

One of the best parts of working with a dietitian is their personal approach because it’s important to dig down and start to consider your relationship with food. What do you think when you’re eating? How do you feel? What are the challenges you face and how can you overcome them?

Asking these questions also allows you the opportunity to understand how nutrition affects your stress levels, ability to sleep, energy to exercise, immune system, mental health, and metabolism. This helps you stay motivated on your nutritional journey.

Even better, because dietitians work so closely with you, they can create a customized set of meal plans for you to follow - and adjust it as needed. Most of all, dieticians remind you that food should still be fun. It’s not the enemy, and just because you shouldn’t eat everything doesn’t mean you can find fulfillment in what you can.

Meeting your Dietitian

Your appointments usually last anywhere from 45 minutes up to an hour.

During your first visit, you will primarily spend time getting to know your New Jersey dietitian and discussing your health goals. Follow-up visits include further discussion into your relationship with food and an honest discussion of the obstacles you face in regards to the choices you make with what you eat. Your dietitian will assess you and recommend food choices based on your medical condition. All of these are designed to move you out of the critical zone and into a healthier set of habits that you can use to both lose weight and manage your condition.

Your New Jersey Dietician Consultation

Everyone needs support in one way or another, and a dietitian can offer that for someone struggling with nutrition and/or weight management.

Because every patient is different, it’s important to come in for a consultation so you can discuss your past struggles and your future goals. This will also allow the dietician to review your medical history and construct a customized meal plan that’s right for you. To find out more, call or email RDN Nutrition Counseling today and request your appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians in New Jersey.

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Dietitian FAQs

Both of these professionals work to optimize diet plans to improve a patient’s health, but they have different qualifications for each path. Dietitians in New Jersey are required to hold a Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences from an accredited university. While dietitians must always be certified to treat medical conditions, nutritionists offer more general nutritional advice and are not certified to treat clinical conditions.

Not everyone has the same needs for their weight management, so the number of times they will need to see their dietician will vary, which affects the overall cost. Some will meet only once a week, some more than once a week, and some every other week.

Many insurance providers do cover the cost of meeting with a dietitian, in part if not all. However, if your insurance provider does not cover the costs or if you do not have insurance, you will need to cover the costs yourself. You can apply for financing or look into other payment options. For an exact estimate, you’ll need to come in for your consultation.

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