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Weight Loss PlansIn New Jersey

What is a Weight Loss Plan?

Despite your best intentions, you may still be struggling to manage your weight. This can include dieting and exercise that still has not given you the results you want, particularly in regards to your health.

A weight loss plan is a guide that refers to techniques and physiological processes that affect your ability to reach and maintain a particular weight. Weight loss plans are about making long-term lifestyle changes to incorporate not just healthy eating, but physical activity into your daily routine.

The changes needed for you to be successful involve your age, sex, height, as well as changes to your diet, exercise routine, and mental relationship to food. Because obesity is a very real problem that affects one in three adults in the U.S., it’s essential to take control of your health by managing your weight - but it’s also okay to ask for help. At your consultation for a weight loss plan New Jersey Dietitians at RDN Nutrition counseling will help design a plan that fits your needs and health goals.

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Benefits of Weight Loss Plans

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Losing weight is not all about the way you look - it also plays a major role in how we feel. That’s because a healthy weight is essential to maintaining your health.

At RDN Nutrition counseling, our New Jersey weight loss plan clients have the resources to get their weight down and lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. You can also decrease your risk for several kinds of cancers. You will also notice an increase in energy, making it possible for you to go out and do more activities, from going to the gym to hiking up a mountain to traveling more. You’ll be able to live your life more fully and more confidently than before, and when you look in the mirror, you’ll know you’ve earned every moment.

Am I a Candidate for a Weight Loss Plan?

You may be struggling to find a way to effectively lose weight, but it’s important to set realistic expectations and be patient with yourself. What took years to go onto your body will take perseverance to get off. There are no quick fixes, so the best candidates for a weight loss plan are those who can consistently work towards their goals and understand there are no magical shortcuts for weight loss. To find out more, schedule a consultation today at RDN Nutrition Counseling.

Weight Loss Plan Results

If you are following your weight loss plan New Jersey patients can expect to start seeing results fairly quickly - within about eight weeks. However, it’s important to understand that these results are not extreme and weight loss occurs over time.

Instead of staring at the scale day after day, you need to measure results every month to ensure you are meeting short term goals as well as to stay motivated. A safe amount of weight to lose in a year is between 7-10% of your body weight. While that may not seem like a lot, it’s beneficial all around and more likely to be permanent. In addition, you will likely lose more weight in the first six months than after, which is completely normal as your body adjusts to the change in diet, so it’s important to keep going, even after your weight loss has slowed.

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Your Weight Loss Plan Consultation

Managing your weight is not easy - if it was, you wouldn’t be having the struggles you do now. In order to maximize the benefits of your weight loss plan, you will need to come in for a consultation and meet with a New Jersey weight loss plan specialist. Our New Jersey Dietitians can review your medical history, discuss past struggles, and identify the best options for you moving forward. Call or email RDN Nutrition Counseling today to get started on your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Plan FAQs

No. A weight loss plan simply provides the tools needed to get you moving forward on your weight loss goals, such as meal plans and coping strategies to avoid making bad food choices. You will be responsible for choosing and buying what foods to eat, but you will also be equipped to pick the best ones for you.

Not everyone’s body reacts the same way to changes in diet, so weight loss plans must be flexible and reflect an individual’s medical history and weight loss goals. As a result, the cost varies from person to person.

Your insurance may cover part or all of the costs. However, if your insurance does not or you don’t have insurance, you can look into various payment options such as financing or payment plans as you will be responsible for payment. To get an exact quote for your customized needs, you will need to come in for a consultation.

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